Friday, February 15, 2008


Genevieve is 18 months old today! Seriously--how unbelievable is that? We ran into some friends at her pediatrician well-visit today, a family with a newborn in the house, and towering over that little seven-week-old snug in his infant carseat, she looked mighty tall.

Speaking of tall, Genevieve is my long and lean baby, it seems. Stats for the grandparents: She's only gained a bit over a pound in the last three months, putting her now at 23 lbs., 13 oz., the 43rd percentile for her age. At the same time, she shot up nearly three inches (!), putting her at 32-3/4 inches tall, the 82nd percentile (up from the 65th percentile at 15 months old). Wow!

We discussed the usual: how she's still nursing because she won't drink milk, how she's a picky eater, how she hardly talks but then comes forth the other day--completely on her own, completely out of the blue--with the three-syallable "animal", as if she'd been practicing it in her mind for weeks on end (and she probably was). How she's my climber, my tantrummer, my mad girl. How she screams and yells and gets insulted at the slightest thing, running away from you with a dismissive wave of her arm like she thinks you're just about the most infuriating--or ridiculous--person she's ever met. How she's busy, busy, busy, and knows how to do things like climb steps half her height and scale the sofa on her first try. How she went through that phase the other week when she screamed through all her naps and nearly drove her mama to drink.

We didn't talk about the fact that she's hilarious, wildly entertaining, and the cutest baby in the entire universe. Because! It's SO OBVIOUS!

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Nonna said...

Can't you just see the mischief in those eyes??!! Did the doc have any suggestions or did she say, "That's just Genevieve!"