Thursday, February 07, 2008


This morning, as Christopher left for work, leaving me with a screaming baby who had already thrown at least three major tantrums since waking up:

"Good luck, babe. I suggest medicating early and often. And I don't mean the baby."


Anonymous said...

Oh, hon! I so wish I lived nearby so that I could come over on your B-day tomorrow, take the girls for the day, and send you off to the spa for a full day, then dinner w/ the hubby @ Ciao Bella.

It's been tough, hopefully the melting of the snow will wash away some of those tantrums.

I'm so sorry you're having a rough day, hang in there, it'll turn around soon.

Donna said...

Oy. I've had those days... In fact, I had one of those evenings. Tonight. When my husband had to leave after dinner for a work meeting and both kids were confused and upset and each had meltdowns of a monumental degree. *sigh* I feel ya, babe.