Thursday, February 07, 2008

SAHM Style Low Point

The other morning, I was preparing to bring Julia to preschool when she asked me to play a pretend game in which she sat in her old baby-crib and pretended she was a lifeguard, watching me while I "swam" down below. Evidently I was not swimming correctly, because she asked me to actually lie down on the rug and "swim" down there, rather than doing my lame swimming motions while standing looking out the window. To tell the truth, I just didn't feel like lying down on the floor and rolling around, having just combed my hair and gotten dressed in clothes that did not include yoga pants, a workout bra or running socks (miracle!).

"Honey, I don't want to lie down on the floor right now," I told her.

"But WHY?" Julia asked.

"Because I just got dressed and I don't feel like getting all wrinkled," I explained.

Julia paused, gazed at my long-sleeved t-shirt and too-worn jeans in a dubious manner, and commented with a decided air of distaste, "Mama....your clothes are already all wrinkled."



Christopher said...

Earlier this week, as I got her out of bed, she looked up at me, scowled, and said, "Daddy, it's time to trim your nose hairs."

I had just done so the night before. Apparently I'd missed a spot.

Little Ms. Aesthetics will be the ruin of us all.

Donna said...

I think it's apparent you need (AND DESERVE) a new outfit for your birthday. :) Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I so can't stop laughing. Kids are so blatantly honest! Too bad we all become all tactful and PC.