Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Do-Little Dinners: Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken

I cannot take credit for this week's Do-Little Dinner idea. However, the recipe was such a gigantic hit in our house--prompting, of all people, picky-eater Genevieve to inhale a giant quantity of it and actually plaster the bowl to her face in an attempt to lick up every last drop--that I feel compelled to share it here.

This recipe came from the Ordering Disorder blog over at Work It, Mom!. It's incredibly easy, but the best part is, it's way, way better than one might expect from a recipe so simple. In fact, as a mostly-vegetarian who normally only just tolerates chicken, I was surprised to find I could not get enough of this dish. Just try it. I bet you'll like it as much as Genevieve did.

Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken
4 to 6 servings

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 15-oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
3 cups jarred salsa (this is a lot of salsa, so I recommend "mild")
1 15-oz. can corn, drained

Place chicken in bottom of slow-cooker, then add beans and salsa. Cook on low for 8 hours or so. During last half hour, add corn. When ready to eat, shred the chicken with two forks, then stir the whole thing up really well. Serve in bowls, either over brown rice or with soft tortillas (we favor the wheat kind) on the side. Offer shredded cheddar cheese and/or sour cream as toppings, as well.


Mom said...

I made this exact meal for you one of those days following Julia's birth -- used a little less salsa and didn't shred the chicken, just served the pieces whole. You probably blanked it out, because it led to Grammy's Big Misfortune! We love it too!

Rob Hardy said...

Wow! If Genev...Geneve..Genevie..oh, Julia, how do you spell you sister's name?! Anyway, if Vivi likes it, it must be great. I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks.

Donna said...

I love salsa chicken, although I make it more like your mom. Nice to have a new idea of how to serve an old dish, though. Thanks!

Laura H said...

I had a surplus of salsa here so I made your salsa chicken. We like-y! I will be reheating our leftovers in a traditional method.