Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Car Wash

I can see I've been slacking lately, because this is the second week in a row that the Wednesday activity was somebody else's idea (and the same somebody, too! Didn't I say something about hiring this column out?). But hey: you crib when you have to, and you're grateful. Once again, my imaginative fellow mom Connie came up with this one: kiddie car wash! Basically, we rolled our toy cars into the kitchen and I gave the girls a bucket with a very small amount of soapy water in the bottom and a couple of old washcloths. Although I didn't get a photo of the girls in action, they had fun scrubbing the cars with their little wet rags. In the summer this will be great fun outside on the patio, with a lot more water!

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Jordan said...

Also fun - washing baby dolls (plastic ones, of course!) in a dishpan, and "painting" the great outdoors with paint brushes and buckets of soapy water. Always fun and time consuming! ;-)