Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Fun With Crib Mattresses!

My dear friend Connie is the genius behind this week's activity, and I really should hire her to write What-to-Do Wednesdays, except I'd have to pay her in, like, used Kleenexes or soggy Cheerios. And I'm not sure she'd take that job.

Anyway, thanks to Connie's great idea, the other day I pulled the currently unused crib mattress out of the currently unused baby crib (yes, in fact, I DO have a baby! No, in fact, she doesn't sleep in the crib! Would you like to hear that whole painful story? No? Good, because I'm not up to it. Though I'm sure the tale will be continued eventually) and laid it on the floor in the master bedroom, in the hopes of keeping the girls entertained while I got ready for the day. I propped the currently unused crib bumper pads around the mattress and told the girls it was a meadow, with a fence around it, and they were sheep. So now this new game is called "Sheep in the Meadow." We corralled the little plastic Fisher Price sheep from the toy farm, too, and Julia even dragged her big rocking sheep down the hall from the nursery to join the other sheep. Success! Thanks, Connie.

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