Sunday, February 03, 2008

You Just Knew it, Didn't You?

Last Thursday and Friday Genevieve refused to nap. Instead, she drove me slowly insane and caused many curse words to pop into my head and tempted me to open the front door and walk away, far away from the crying and tantruming and yelling and screaming. On Thursday, as loyal readers know, she spent her naptime throwing her blankie to the floor and then wailing about it, breaking the zipper on her sleep-sack, and engaging in other unsavory activities, and the shenanigans went on for almost two hours. But at least I had approximately 30 minutes of a "break" (ha!) at the beginning of nap, when I was waiting for her to fall asleep (double ha!) and could at least, I don't know, bang my head against the laptop keyboard while listening to the nonstop crying.

But on Friday, the non-napping took place while Julia was still awake, because I actually had to remove Genevieve from her highchair during lunch, due to a high-voltage, food-throwing tantrum, and deposit her in her crib while Julia was still up. Naturally, napping did not occur. And when Julia went down, I had to get Vivi back up. So, there were no breaks, at all, from caring for small bodies (with big voices), even though it was already one of the worst parenting days I have ever experienced.

Yesterday afternoon, a dear friend, knowing what I'd been through at week's end, called and invited me to ride with her to a nearby mall, where she had a little shopping to do, so I could leave the naptime drama to Christopher and escape the hell of the prior two days. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. We left just before one, as the girls were headed to their beds, and I got home near four--a much needed three-hour break from dealing with babies and crying.

And when I walked in the door, GENEVIEVE WAS STILL NAPPING.

Of course she was.

A three-hour, cry-free nap, from my baby who has NEVER TAKEN A THREE-HOUR NAP IN HER LIFE--dear Lord even a two-hour nap from her would be a miracle--and on a day that I am not even the one at home.

And today? The day that Christopher is out of town for a sporting event up in Minneapolis? What is Genevieve doing right now, during nap?

Why, screaming, of course.


Mom said...

This whole scene would be extremely funny if I didn't know how terribly frustrating it is/was to you! Maybe tomorrow!

Shan said...

Exactly. One day I will look back and laugh. At the time, all I want to do is cry. (She eventually napped today, after 30 min. of wailing.) Tonight, at bedtime, she began with the screaming again. It is so hard to listen to! I don't know what her problem is right now, but it's DRIVING ME CRAZY.

squab said...

They know. THEY KNOW. Little buggers.

Christopher Tassava said...

I can't and wouldn't take any credit. Well, maybe a smidgen, of the accidental sort. It's the change of pace that gets the girls, I think. Order and routine are good, but every once in a while it's good to mess with their heads a bit.

Then again, after two hard days, Vivi was trashed, and anyone would probably have had luck getting her to bed quickly and easily. Of coruse, it was her dear old dad who did.

Mnmom said...

Another stay home Mom in Northfield here. It's a long story how I found your blog. Mine are older now and I'm returning to the world of paid employment.