Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dressed Up or Not, We Made It

Well! As it turns out, morning temps of 12 degrees plus 7-1/2 inches of new snow are not conducive to the wearing of sleeveless spring dresses and new heels for Easter, anyway. See? Seriously, can you believe this snow?

So, in the end, I did not feel too regretful about being ultimately unable, due to a raging sinus infection, to go shopping for a dressy outfit to wear on Easter, even if I had resolved that it was called for. Which, by the end of all that rah-rah discussion about dressing nicely on occasion , I certainly had. (Next year, Susan, I swear I am going to dress up. Especially if Easter falls in April, when perhaps there won't be any snowstorms involved. Although April snowstorms are not unheard of in northern Minnesota.)

Having said all that, and despite the usual photo-taking challenges ("Girls, look here! Smile! No fingers in the mouth, just for ten seconds! Over here! Look HERE. Genevieve, stay there just for a minute. Julia, look here! Hold still! SMILE!"), I think we girls cleaned up pretty well for Easter church at the grandparents'. You know, for having been sick for the past three weeks (all four of us) and currently teething (Genevieve) and refusing all naps despite utter exhaustion (Julia) and under the influence of multiple medications (me). In the end, I was pretty proud of myself simply for rustling up the black trousers and ironed blouse and dark-red flats.

After all, a few days ago I was in pj's, with a ponytail and no make-up, wondering if I could stuff ibuprofen directly into my sinus cavities. Which is to say, I'm feeling a LOT better. And little girls in coordinating lavender Easter dresses are very fortifying.

Even if they never, ever sleep in the car, not even on 300-mile road trips that end up taking more than six hours.


Anonymous said...

Shanny, you look really great, you fabulous glamour girl you!! And those baby girls, oh so sweet. Happy Easter :)

Shan said...

Thanks, hon. You're very generous with the flattery. One of the many reasons I adore you.