Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Medicine = Good

Yesterday I saw a very kind, sympathetic nurse practitioner who took me seriously when I said, "I've been really, really sick and very miserable for ten days; I'm home full-time with a three-year-old and a one-year-old with no one else to help with childcare; my husband can't take any more days off from work; and I am desperate. You have to help me."

I walked away with a confirmed diagnosis of a very severe, particularly intractable sinus infection on top of a cold virus and conjunctivitis, and a treatment plan involving continued use of hard-core antibiotics and a second medication to help the first medication start working. The NP assured me I would feel better soon, and I almost hugged her with relief. Although nothing had really kicked in yet, when I got home from the clinic and Christopher went back to work, I did three giant loads of laundry, returned two phone calls, cooked an actual dinner that did not involve bread and peanut butter, cleaned the catbox, located some bins of packed-away toddler clothes in the garage for Genevieve and sorted through them, completed some necessary correspondence, ironed a blouse, and created packing lists for our trip this weekend, in addition to tending the babies---I think because even the prospect of recovery after the last ten days of illness was such a psychological boost that the placebo effect put my body on overdrive.

Today I took my three medications (the first two plus ibuprofen for my head/face pain), put on make-up, real clothes, and cute shoes, and took the girls to Julia's nursery school. I felt like I've been on another planet for the past three weeks. I hadn't seen the other moms in ages; I missed preschool events and baby classes and playdates for days. While I was sick (and, the weeks before that, both girls were sick and we were stuck at home then too), a whole season changed. The last time I went running, it was through snow. Now, the grass outside is tinged green. It's an odd feeling to be so out of the loop with the outside world for so long.

Because I am determined to deliver a much-anticipated family-holiday experience to my three-year-old, and because I am optimistic that in another day I will be feeling even better, our trip up north for Easter is still on. However, it turns out that a major snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow, our travel day. So what to wear on Easter may turn out to be a non-issue in the end. Ha.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you're doing better and things are looking up :) Happy Easter to you and your family. The parentals will enjoy the girls and you'll hopefully get some much needed rest while someone else does the cooking, entertaining, etc., at least for a couple of days. Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies ;) Oh, Happy Spring! First day today.