Thursday, March 27, 2008


1. Sick baby (again).

2. Spring break (so no preschool this week).

3. Spouse super-busy at work, going in early and staying late every day.

4. Spouse taking the car every day (in order to save commuting time, and squeeze a bit more work into the day), so we're stranded at home.

5. After being stranded at home for the entire first three weeks of March due to multiple illnesses.

6. Decreed that TV/videos/DVDs are off limits this week in reaction to the last two weeks during which I let the girls watch 2-3 hours a day because I was so sick I was unable to properly parent them. Made that decree late last week before I realized this week was spring break (see # 2). Kicking myself.

7. Sick baby crashing for a nap every day around 10 a.m., meaning that she then will not sleep in the afternoon, when the three-year-old is napping (and the baby should be napping as well). Translates into: no breaks for Mama during the day.

8. Some kind of crazy mystery neck/shoulder pain that appeared out of nowhere, keeps me awake at night, and prevents me from turning my head.

9. Sick baby = TOTALLY CRABBY, UNPLEASANT BABY who spends her days scream-whining the word "MAMA!" nonstop for hours at a time, including when she is put to bed. I have been known to exaggerate. I am not exaggerating right now. I can see how people sometimes end up snapping, and physically abusing their kids. Not that I would ever excuse it. But I can see how it could happen.

10. Saying a little prayer.


squab said...

Oh, honey. You are really getting slammed the last few months! Is there anything I can do? We could come up for a visit sometime next week if that would be a good distraction and not just extra work. Spring better get here soon!

Rob Hardy said...

If you're stranded at home and need emergency errands run or a ride somewhere, let me know. (Warning about riding in our car: we bought it 12 years ago, when the boys were 5 and 2, so it's not, shall we say, very clean. Lots of melted crayons on the back seats, for example.)

Shan said...

Thank you both! Rob, I have the car today (Friday). I have to take Genevieve to the doctor. I'm thrilled to be leaving the house! Squabby, I'll e-mail you later about a possible visit. You know I alway love seeing you and the sweet babe, it's never extra work. Let me make sure G. isn't contagious with something awful first (or, should I say, again?).

Mnmom said...

Been there, been there, been there!! I have twin 14-yr-olds and an 8 year old, all girls. This too shall pass, and all too soon.