Thursday, March 06, 2008

Week of Misery

I just got back from preschool conferences and a quick stop at the grocery store, which was the first time I've left the house all week, not counting the day we spent getting up at 3 a.m. in order to take our preschooler out of town for surgery, which wasn't exactly a jolly outing full of carefree fun, if you know what I mean. The fact that preschool conferences was the highlight of my week and the source of my only contact with the outside world other than my morning in the pediatric surgery ward should tell you something.

Genevieve is ragingly sick. Her nose is running like nothing I've ever seen; she's all but lost her voice; her cheeks are chapped pink from all the nose and face wiping; she only napped an hour today, probably due to her torturous cough; and just now, at bedtime, she was too stuffed up (eh? how can that be, with the nose running like a river all day long, causing me to use up all the Kleenex in the house?) to nurse--her one remaining little nursing of the entire day, because I happened to wean her off the wake-up nursing after she didn't miss it when we were gone on Monday! So sad. Can't even have her one little daily nursing, amidst all her sick sadness! Now she's in her bed hacking up a lung and I'm sure I have a long, interrupted night in store, tending to Baby Misery. I feel so terrible for her.

And I feel terrible for me, too, because did you know I have the world's least self-reliant three-year-old on the planet? Who apparently cannot play by herself for five minutes? Who believes she requires constant adult interaction all day long, someone to play with her, someone to figure out what she should do for fun, or else she will apparently dissolve into a puddle of oozing discontent? Did you know that asking her to entertain herself for ten minutes at the end of the day so you can dust the living room and cut up the raw vegetables for dinner--after a day during which you MADE SOFT PRETZELS TOGETHER and colored and read books and had music time and played Princess House and pretend-cooked with cotton balls and let her watch "Dragon Tales" on PBS--is cruel and inhumane torture, because CLEARLY she will DIE if she has to play by herself for ten minutes? Did you know that? Of course, I've been fighting this battle since she was four months old, so this is nothing new to me. But, people: GAH. I'M GOING TO LOSE MY MIND.

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squab said...

Man, it is going around! I think just about every mommy-blog I read has posted something like this in the last week. Must be something in the air. The cranky, cranky air. It's supposed to warm up some next week - maybe that will help?

Ellie's cold is still going strong, too. I feel your pain.