Thursday, March 27, 2008

Will Blog for Food

Oh, the blessed Internet. Twice now, it has indirectly brought yummy treats to my door. First, a loyal Wonderland reader and Internet friend showed up on my doorstep with homemade bread during a particularly bleak parenting week. Now, dear "Question", of Questionable, has mailed me a stash of Cadbury Creme Eggs, with a note wishing me improved health so I can enjoy my favorite Easter candy before the season is long gone. (Yes, I knew it was you. And thanks for feeling sorry for me that I had been so sick this year that I had not yet sampled even ONE Creme Egg.) But now guess what was waiting for me last evening, when I returned from my first run since March 1st (ouch)? Such a nice little surprise treat. You're the best, Question!


Rob Hardy said...

I agree with you about Cadbury eggs. A definite yum. During our year in England, we were within a short train ride of Cadbury world, in Birmingham, but we never visited. :(

Enjoy your treat, and stay healthy!

Shan said...

Even better than the Creme Eggs are the Cadbury Mini-Eggs. YUM. But they are small so the addictive potential is a bit worrisome. It's all too easy to shovel handfuls into your mouth and lose track of just how many you've consumed. Not that I have any direct experience with that.

Question said...

You're very welcome. I hope you enjoy every last bite.