Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeah. What She Said.

Remember that one time when I got all doped up on cold medicine and started analyzing department-store Easter clothes commercials, only nobody really got what I was trying to say, and I just went on talking and talking about it, commenting and commenting into oblivion, while everyone else went on with their lives and I was just left in my Benadryl haze, musing sickly on things like moms and holidays and style as my fever rose and my sinuses swelled? Ah, good times.

Well, guess who I roped into the discussion, dear Internets? None other than the mama-style guru herself, Ms. Susan Wagner, of Friday Style and Friday Playdate and BlogHer and The Working Closet and Fashion Find and AisleDash and Chatterbox. You know Susan. She's the hard-working online style-writer who attempted to redeem my mom-of-two-children-under-four wardrobe last August. Gotta love her.

Anyway, as I just knew she would, Susan has a lot to say on this topic. Read on.

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