Monday, April 07, 2008

9 on the Hideousness Scale

I'm starting to think I should devise a Bruise-o-Meter to rate the severity of my adverse reaction to that ill-fated tetanus shot. Maybe a Hideousness Scale? 1 to 10, with 10 garnering shrieks of "My eyes! My eyes!" upon the happenstance sighting of said bruise?

Because truly, if this bruise seemed alarming on Saturday, when I dutifully went to the ER, it is far worse-looking now. It changes every half-day! It's now two inches longer, stretching fully from my shoulder to my elbow, and wide enough to cover my entire upper arm, the part that faces out when I'm standing normally. Where it used to be mainly red, with some blue thrown in for good measure, it is now yellow and dark purple. Mainly, it's HUGE. Maybe a 9 on the Hideousness Scale? Perhaps, even, a 10? Although I'm afraid to say that, because who knows what the next day or so might bring? I might have to extend my scale, and that's just bad measurement.

After MNmom's comment the other day about her own sporting of a severe bruise for roughly THREE MONTHS last summer, I'm starting to worry about a spring/early summer of long sleeves. Argh! Either that or traumatizing the entire town by wearing my beloved strappy tanks and cap-sleeved tees. My eyes! (Or, rather, everyone else's.)

The up side: it doesn't hurt much anymore.

You know...I didn't even need to get that tetanus shot when I did. I had all of 2008 to get it done! Were there any way to know that my antibiotics would cause this insane reaction if the nurse accidentally nicked a blood vessel upon shot administration, I could easily have waited until the meds were out of my system. I was just trying to be on top of things. Just as I always suspected: procrastination generally works JUST FINE.


Mnmom said...

Post a photo!!

I think mine was a 9. No one went blind but many cringed. And I always had to preface the story with "don't laugh" which of course made them laugh.

Rob Hardy said...

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I had an adverse reaction to the general intravenous anaesthetic. Some sort of infection increased the risk of a blood clot forming. My arm and shoulder were sore all summer, and I had to apply moist heat several times a day. I hate needles!

Shan said...

I didn't hate needles before, but I think I do now. And seriously, I really don't think the world wants to see a photo.

Anonymous said...

Yes we do want the photo!!

donna said...

C'mon, Shannon. You can't say all of that and NOT post a picture!

(That being said, I'm glad it turned out not to be anything. And hey, with the weather as it is now - just think of it as a way of nature apologizing to you for the bruise. You could be sweltering in a long-sleeved shirt (to cover up the bruise) but instead, you're nice and comfy with your covered arm.)

Shan said...

OK, Donna has a point about the weather. I am happy to say that it is too late to post a picture and fully do it justice. Yes, it's still hideous and atrocious and shocking to most people. But it is markedly improved from the day of this post. Sorry, Internet. No photo. Just use your imaginations.