Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Brrrr. Also: Hot! And, Brrrr.

So last Saturday, the day I went to the ER, it was 70 degrees here. Yes, that was a mere five days after a six-inch snowfall (the one that almost sent me over the edge). Tomorrow, a mere five days after the 70-degree high last Saturday, it's supposed to start snowing and continue on for "18 to 24 hours of heavy snow in this area" (according to the weather report I heard on MPR this morning).

In case you're not from here, rest assured that, while this year may be a bit more extreme than usual--we haven't had a winter this long or snowy in eight years--weather like this is par for the course for spring (and, often, autumn) in Minnesota. Any state that can routinely sport 40-below windchills in January and 97 degree temps in July is a land of extremes, and the transition seasons tend to rocket back and forth between balmy and wintry with a swiftness that can leave one highly disoriented. It's why, even though I ran in a short workout skirt and a skimpy running tee on Saturday afternoon, I hadn't yet packed away the girls' snowpants and boots. Good thing.

But, you see, what will also happen is that sometime soon, just days (hours?!) after some kind of ice storm or blizzard or bone-chilling windchill factor, it will suddenly be 85 degrees, and no one will be ready for it even though it happens every year, and I'll be scrambling around upstairs in the nursery trying to find clothes for preschool, looking for nonexistent size 4T shorts, or sleeveless shirts, or sandals, and a sundress for the baby besides. And all that will be in their little-girl drawers will be baby jeans and fleece pullovers. It happens every year.

In other news, Genevieve decided to try a little milk with her meals on occasion. She kinda likes it, the little rascal. But don't let her hear you say that.


Mnmom said...

The Upper Midwest - where you can go from the heat to the AC in the same day. I keep the swimsuits in one laundry basket, and the hats/mitts in another and they BOTH stay within reach in my mud room. People from other parts just can't understand.

Rob Hardy said...

Are you bracing yourself for more snow? As you may know (since Christopher linked to it on his blog), I wrote a poem about Aprils like this one. I'm actually feeling quite good about the weather!

Shan said...

I read it! It's great. I just heard the weather again on the radio. Sounds like now tomorrow will be rain, and if it gets cold enough on Thursday night, it will change to snow and possibly continue to fall as snow through Fri.-Sat. YIKES. I'm trying to put it out of my mind.

Mnmom said...

la la la la I can't hear you la la la la la

your friend in hawaii said...

You see? This is why I told my friend (who is in MN right now and not terribly thrilled about the weather either) to expect it to be cold and to plan for difficult driving (well, difficult for someone who has NEVER driven in snow or ice before).

(Yes, we in Hawaii think 60 is cold, thank you very much. In my defense, two nights ago, it was 60 at my house (which is not representative of all houses in HI because of where we live) - and we don't have heating!)

No, I didn't forget about spring/fall weather in MN. I'll always remember the snow. And all the snowballs I used to throw at Christopher. And building my very first snowman and making my first snow angel with him.

Do me a favor and throw a snowball at him if it snows, okay? (And take a picture for me, if you have a chance!)

Christopher Tassava said...

I invite a snowball in my direction - from anyone!

This great weather is why I haven't cleaned my skis and packed them away. One more chance!

Mnmom said...

So now I know who to blame!