Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Updates

We're a busy family these days. Yesterday we were out of town at a fantastic birthday bash for some very dear friends' two-year-old; later this week I'm (unhappily) going up to the city for two long and tedious days at a conference in order to get more of the ridiculously large number of CEUs required each year for my professional license. Blogging may be light this week. However, a few updates are in order:

My bruise is almost gone! Hallelujah. Just in time for short-sleeve weather, which came very, very late this spring.

Recently Genevieve suddenly and mysteriously decided to drink milk. Truth be told, she's still a bit hit-or-miss about it, but she IS drinking at least some milk from a cup with most meals, and eating cereal and milk with a spoon at breakfast, so much progress has been made. (She also eats yogurt now, and hasn't refused string cheese in several weeks.)

The girls' room-sharing continues. We have them nap in separate rooms--Julia, at almost 4, probably won't be napping much longer anyway--and on evenings when Genevieve hasn't yet fallen asleep when Julia's bedtime rolls around, we do need to let Julia fall asleep elsewhere and then move her into her own bed in the nursery later on, because we have learned the hard way that Genevieve is not yet able to ignore Julia's presence, stop yelling and jabbering, and go to sleep. But all in all, they are spending most of their sleeping hours in the same room, leaving us with a mostly functional guest room and fewer issues with noise and sleep (the nursery is farther away from the main living areas of the house than the guest room is). It's a work in progress, but it's still progress.

That's all. Sorry, not too exciting. I'm too tired to be clever today. The baby's on another one of her pre-dawn wake-up kicks, and I never fall back to sleep once she's up. Bring on the French Roast!

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