Tuesday, April 01, 2008

She's a Sentimental, Nostalgic Mama Already, and She's Only Three

This morning, in the waiting room of the hospital's women's health clinic, where I was waiting for an appointment to get my tetanus booster, with both girls by my side:

Julia: Is this where Daddy brought me to see you, and you were in a bed?
Me: When Genevieve was born, you mean? Yes, in a different part of this building.
Julia: This is where Genevieve was born?
Me: Yes.
Julia, turning to smile at Genevieve, and then sighing: Oh Mama, I miss Genevieve when she was a tiny baby. Don't you?

Super sweet. Or, wait--do you think she meant, "...Because back then she couldn't swat me and laugh about it, grab my toys out of my hands and run down the hall, or scream "uh-UH!" at me every time I try to tell her something, just to be contrary"?


Rob Hardy said...

When Peter was born, Will (who was just about three) said, "He's cute. I can't wait to sit on him."

Mnmom said...

Our twins were 5 when the youngest girl was born and you'd think we did it just to provide them a doll that truly pooped, peed, and drank from a bottle. Now they are 14 and she's 8 and it's a different story. Now they think we did it to annoy them.
Like Bill Cosby says, we did because we were getting too much sleep.

donna said...

Very sweet. And if it were my son, it would be more of the latter than the former (although he totally enjoys her companionship, too!)

Anonymous said...

sweet, sweet Jugee