Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Pillow Pond

The other day Julia invented this game. She piled the couch cushions and pillows on the living room floor, dragged her stepstool out of the bathroom, and pretended she was a penguin jumping off an iceberg into "a penguin pond." Then she'd waddle back, penguin-style, to her diving board and do it again. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Since Genevieve of course wanted to join in the action, we fashioned a lower "diving board" for her out of the girls' soft puppy-shaped floor cushion. Both girls played "penguins jumping into the pond" for a long time, and, miraculously, no one landed on anyone else's head.

The girls played a similar version of this game last week when I was changing sheets on our bed; the comforter was lying, spread-out, on the floor, and four bed pillows were scattered on top of it. When Julia discovered this scenario, she immediately dove into the bedclothes. The girls had a grand time leaping onto the pillows and comforters, squealing like little piglets and rolling around amidst the fluffiness. I killed two birds with one stone that day: completed a household chore AND entertained the girls at the same time! You try it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture in motion!

donna said...

Oh yes. I love it when you can do housework while entertaining the kids.