Saturday, May 10, 2008

And This is Why I Am Mostly Vegetarian

Apparently this morning at the grocery store, Julia and Christopher had a little conversation in the meat department. About things like, oh, where meat comes from. And how the meat and fish we eat were once living animals.

I don't think the whole idea bothered Julia all that much. Tonight at dinner, as we were tucking into the salmon fillet I had broiled with Parmesan cheese, lemon, and dill, Julia exclaimed enthusiastically, "Mama, yum! This is REALLY GOOD dead fish!"

Um, thanks?


Christopher Tassava said...

We had just picked up our chicken breasts, and she asked, "Is chicken meat?" Yes. "Where does it come from?" Chicken farms. "Do they kill the chickens?" Yes. "How do they kill the chickens?" I don't know, but they have to kill them to turn them into meat. "Oh. I think chicken is delicious!"

Mnmom said...

Children are so honest

Anonymous said...

That girl loves chicken way too much to worry about the process. You really need to publish a book of Julia Stuff, Speak, Isms, Phrases, Perspective, Observations, etc.