Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Difference Between a Three-Year-Old and a Normal Person

Never underestimate the potential silliness of a three- (almost four-) year-old. Julia tends toward the solemn, hyper-self-aware, and mildly obsessive (hello, gene pool!), but even she has her moments of sheer, shrug-your-shoulders-in-confusion zaniness. To wit:

Recently she began, laughingly and with much good-hearted glee, to refer to Genevieve as "a pida-baby" (spelling?). That's pronounced "pie-duh-baby," by the way. And it goes something like this: In the bath, while giggling maniacally: "Genevieve, you're a pida-baby. You're such a pida-baby! What is a pida-baby, anyway? She's a pida-baby! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" (Repeat.) No one knows what it means. So far, Genevieve does not mind.

The other day, while drinking her lunch milk, Julia asked me, "Are there Legos in milk?" "Huh?" I asked her, and she repeated her question, to which I then replied, "HUH???" This went on for awhile. Finally I said, "WHY do you think there are Legos in MILK?" "Because my milk tastes like Legos," she answered. Um, OK.

Today Julia accompanied Christopher to the grocery store and, upon returning home, informed me that "we never did find any shredded beet balls for you, Mama." Christopher said that during the shopping trip, Julia for some reason decided to hunt for "shredded beet balls," apparently a fantasy item that I would particularly enjoy, or that I had specifically requested. Shredded beet balls! Talk about a questionable grocery item! Can you imagine? No? But think: a three-year-old DEFINITELY CAN.


Nonna said...

Sounds like a project Julia and I could undertake -- although if I liked beets myself I would be more enthusiastic about it!!

Mnmom said...

I love the minds of children. We have once-blank journals for each girl, filled with the funny stuff they've said. It makes for some good laughs around the dinner table these days.