Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Hottest New Exercise Program: Run Around with Children All Day Long

This morning I pushed a combined 60 lbs. of children in a double stroller (= ? more pounds) for a verrrrry long, chilly walk around our subdivision--a walk which included a few mild inclines (which, FYI, turn into severe inclines when you are pushing 60 lbs. of children in a double stroller). This was because I was trying to kill time on a day when we don't have access to the car, and the only way both girls would acquiesce to an hour-long walk was if they got to ride most of the way and I agreed to do all the hard labor.

I also spent a fair amount of time doing things like running from the upstairs playroom down to the kitchen ten million times to retrieve more pencils, workbooks, and notebooks for my little pupils when we were playing "homework." Oh, and racing up and down the stairs to get all the bathrooms cleaned before "Dragon Tales" ended. I think I may have also boosted a toddler up onto the bed a few times, and also lifted her in and out of the crib.

I'm starting to realize that maybe my magically shrinking waistline may not be so magical after all. Perhaps it's just a simple equation: energy in --> energy exploding all over the house in the form of two children under four.

If there were ever an excuse for an upcoming summer filled with many a DQ Blizzard, this is it.


Anonymous said...

You know you've got my vote for DQ
Signed, the DQ Queen ;)

Shan said...

Now if only Anonymous--whom I know full well and adore tremendously--could come visit, and eat some DQ with me.

Rob Hardy said...

We went to DQ last night! I had a small chocolate malt. While you're waiting in the interminable line, you can look at cool photographs of the train wreck.

Mnmom said...

My stroller walks with youngins involved pushing for 1 minute, followed by stopping to inspect a bug for 5 minutes which involved climbing in and out of the stroller. Repeat 100 times. We'd often get as far as two whole blocks!!

Shan said...

Believe me, I've had many walks like THAT one (above), too. Those don't burn quite as many calories. Ha.