Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Will Not Be Petty. I Will Not Be Petty. I Will Not Be Petty.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sheri Reed of happinest and today is pretty (oh! such lovely photos! especially of those boys of hers!), calls it a g-list. G for Gratitude. You know, the things you're thankful for. I'm thinking maybe I need to end every week with a little g-list action. Gratitude Saturday? Gratitude Friday?

Today was an easy day in which to call up some gratitude. Sleeping in (sort of) till 7 a.m. (thanks to a little Tylenol PM. I can now see that I could easily become addicted to sleep aids. It is nice to sleep past 4:30.) Sunny and 70. Errands on foot, downtown, in the May sunshine. Taking tiny girls to touch the fountain. Family bike ride to the park. Hard run. Dramatic wind, clouds, sky, fields.

Speaking of hard runs, I did my old hill run today, out on the country roads near my house, the route I ran all last summer and into the fall until it got dark too early and I became afraid I'd be run down by trucks. Seriously, could Spring Creek Road/Hall Avenue have any more hills? How in the world did I ever power up those inclines three times a week last summer in 90+ degree heat? These days, after sacrificing a full third of my spring to a sinus infection, I can barely make it out and back in a lovely, dry 65 degrees. I keep expecting the cars that pass me near Highway 19 to stop and ask if I need medical assistance. That's OK, though; I'm having fun. The thing about hard, hilly runs is that, once you shut out all the inner running commentary about everything you think you should be worried about, reflectiveness kicks in and, particularly if the sun is setting or the deer are out or you can see a squall of rain on the horizon like a watercolor painting, your old, tired Ingratitude List might even get kicked right out of your head. You might even make a vow to never again engage in petty thoughts about what others have, and what you don't. You might remember that such concerns are really not indicative of your truest nature, and therefore they might not be what you really want to project to the world. You might decide to formulate a g-list for the past week. Which would surely include: spring weather. iced soy lattes. backyard play. the hilarious season finale of "The Office." the ability to run. good health. personal mail. green grass. the leaves coming out, at last.

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Mnmom said...

You aren't being petty - living here is just culture shock for those of us who grew up in hand-me-downs and older homes with mismatched furniture.