Monday, May 19, 2008


Sign that maaaaaybe you've been out of the working world too long:

You're told to "bring your calendar" to the nursery school board meeting, so that you, as the new board president, can properly schedule the next one, and when you unearth your old Dayplanner--the one in which you used to log client appointments and consultation phone calls and staff meetings--and turn to the "calendar" section, there are several pages from 2004 and then nothing else. Because your life recently, this strange, hazy interlude between go-go career and whatever comes next? It hasn't really called for a Dayplanner.

And then you consider bringing the kitchen wall calendar that hangs on the side of the fridge, with its little boxes filled with "library books due!" and "J. to pediatrician" and "birthday party" on it, because surely this is your real lifeline these days, this is your working-girl calendar: the agenda of a working-girl whose work is running the household. Only you're not sure it's really appropriate for a Board Meeting, even one made up of fellow moms. And so you bring a small notepad and a pen, and when you get to the meeting you see that everyone else at least thought to bring a folder to put their papers in.

And then you think, I like my Dayplannerless life, thank you very much, and you go ahead and schedule that next meeting blind.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice.

Mnmom said...

I always brought my kitchen calendar!! Work with what you have.

Shan said...

Seriously! I should have!

Laura said...

You are too funny. And so what day in 2004 would have worked for you?

Shan said...

Um.....any day before June 3, when Julia was born. After that all hell broke loose. ;)