Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Narcissistic Ramblings--I Mean, Cogent Updates

I can tell you need a few updates.

I mean, first of all, aren't you wondering if my Quest for a New Swimsuit has ended? Well, it has. It ended well in the sense that I found a swimsuit that fits, is not black, and is cute and flattering; but not well in the sense that I had to take out a second mortgage in order to pay for it. OK, not really, but for the love of God, people, swimsuits are expensive these days. Particularly if you actually care that the suit fits, does not make you look any paler than you naturally are (hello, near-100% Scandinavian heritage!), and is age-appropriate but not scarily frumpy. (Actually, who knows? My "appropriate" may be your "scarily frumpy." That's fine. )


So on Saturday we taped aluminum foil on the nursery window. Desperate times call for desperate measures, people, and several straight weeks of Genevieve waking up at 5:30 a.m. = desperate times. Did you know that aluminum foil taped to the inside of a window is supposed to make the room really, really dark? Way darker than those crappy "room-darkening" roller shades from Home Depot that make the room about as dark as, oh, A ROOM WITH THE SUN COMING UP AT 5:30 A.M. DIRECTLY OUTSIDE OF IT?

Well. We tried it. Only we just taped up a border around the edge of the window because we still wanted to be able to see out the window during the day. Did it work? Well, out of the three nights since foil application, Genevieve has slept in until 6:15 or later twice. It's not super dark, especially on sunny days, but it is definitely darker than it was before. Oh, but did I mention? This is the most visible window in our house, the one facing the street, directly over the garage. Do you know what aluminum foil taped to a window looks like from the outside? Let's just say I have a feeling our townhouse association is going to have a word with us quite soon. People, I am desperate. I need total black-out blinds, and I need them fast, and I no longer care that it will cost way more than my ridiculously expensive swimsuit.

I'm still stewing on the state of the world, the economy, and my meager retirement savings, and I have a major spending hangover from all the shopping of this '08 spring, with its wardrobe needs and birthday preparations and new injections of outdoor toddler toys. That's how I am; to me, shopping isn't so much an opportunity for simple pleasure as it is an invitation to low-level depression and a sense of unease. Good times! I know, I'm crazy. Buying too many things (and my "too many" may be your "are you kidding me, that's nothing!"; or it may be your "ouch, WAY too many." Who knows?), even if they are things I pretty clearly need (but: my "need" may be your "want"; or it may be your "Good God woman, get thee to a hair salon and FAST."), eventually really gets me down. Consumerism and materialism depress me. And yet! I cannot live without my partial highlights! Discuss.

Speaking of all things spendy and blonde, I couldn't do it, people: I couldn't leave up that new, updated blog photo, the one with the poor lighting and bad exposure that made me look like I was sporting a yucky spray of Britney-esque dark roots. I swear to you, it was the lighting. Really! At any rate, I have reverted to the former photo, even though it is two years old and from a time when my hair was not just (naturally) blonder but a lot shorter too, and my big girl was a toddler with pin-straight platinum locks that are now honey-colored and wavy-thick as all get-out, totally untameable. But that photo was taken by a talented photographer who knew what she was doing, so, you know: no overexposed craziness.

Which would be a really good name for a blog, wouldn't it? Overexposed Craziness?

On a cheerier note, weren't some of you looking for a photo of my wavy-haired daughter on her last day of preschool? (A note: there will be a second year of preschool, coming in the fall.) Maybe some Memorial-weekend summer-toddler action? Enjoy. And please: pass on your wisdom about black-out blinds, consumerism-induced mood disorders, and the state of the world. If not the state of my retirement savings.


Christopher Tassava said...

I'll save my comments on the swimsuit for an "offline" conversation, but suffice to say

a) you have an in with the association board, so I doubt you'll be hearing much about the aluminum foil;

b) every red cent of those clothes was worth spending - so far your happiness at having new clothes is exponentially greater than you angst at having purchased them;

c) your daughters are adorable.

Question said...

Julia's thick hair will be the envy of all when she gets older. I'm already jealous!

Mnmom said...

Swimsuits - I hear you - try being oddly overweight and finding a good suit! And yes, they cost more than a good winter coat.

Shopping depresses me too - I need things but I always feel a little nauseated when I return to my car, and the overwhelming feeling that I really should return everything.

Anonymous said...

MN Mom,

I feel exactly the same way, but only when I buy things for myself, if it's for the hubby or someone else it's a great expreience. Maybe the guilt thing is not just a mom thing, it's a woman thing.

Heidi said...

I *liked* your new picture... (whine, sniff).

Shan said...

Did you really, Heidi? Well, maybe it will reappear sometime. Or maybe something better will come along.