Friday, May 02, 2008


Nothing coherent to say this foggy, drizzly November-oops-I-mean-May Friday, so here are just a few thoughts and observations from the week:

1. Julia went on her first field trip on Tuesday. Her nursery school went on a big yellow bus to a nearby nature center for a field walk and some muddy exploration. I would have loved to have accompanied the group as a parent volunteer, but I couldn't bring Genevieve, so that was out. Julia seemed too little to send off on a big bus like that "by herself"--no seatbelts!--, but she had a good time and talked the rest of the day about slugs, duckweed, and how to hold a worm "so that you don't pinch." Not that she actually held a worm.

2. Genevieve has begun correctly identifying several letters of the alphabet by sight. I don't remember Julia doing that at one-and-a-half, although maybe she did. It's a good reminder that, though she may not say a whole lot (other than the nonstop whining and screaming, I mean), there's a lot going on inside Genevieve's little brain.

3. These days when I rock Genevieve in my arms and sing her naptime lullaby, she softly joins in, making all sorts of sweetly hilarious "la la" sounds to my "Rockabye, Baby" rhythm. She even holds out the last note as long as I stretch out the "all" at the end. Then she chuckles, as if she knows how clever and adorable she is.

4. Last night there was a big thunderstorm overnight, with clattering hail and howling wind and the din of pounding rain amidst the thunderclaps. Julia was very frightened and had to sleep for awhile between Christopher and me in our bed. That was pretty cute.

5. Once in a blue moon, both girls will take a really good nap--let's say, oh, two hours long--on the same day, at the same time. Wait a minute, did I say "once in a blue moon"? I meant to say "pretty much never, but it did miraculously occur the other day, and I just about fainted in shock."

Anyway, when that happens--heck, even when just ONE of them takes a two-hour nap!--the difference in how that day is experienced compared to every other day is absolutely shocking. The day takes on an entirely different feel: easygoing, unfrenzied, just...unremarkable. As opposed to most days, when the nap break is simply not long enough to both complete all my non-kid-friendly household tasks AND re-charge my parenting batteries.
It occurs to me that a predictable, two-hour (at least!) daily nap break is the norm for many parents of small children, and maybe that's why sometimes it seems to me that other people are more patient and less hysterical as full-time at-home parents than I am. I think I would be a far different parent if I had ever had babies who took regular long naps. And by "long," I mean a daily total of more than 90 minutes.

6. Tomorrow I am volunteering at a fundraiser event for Julia's preschool. As a friend of mine said, "Welcome to 'Intro to School Fundraising, Part One of Eighteen.'" Indeed.


Mnmom said...

My little one liked to sing rock-a-bye baby on her own at 18 mos, and it came out like this "win-a-win-bows-ROCK!!"

I always secretly hated those at-home Moms who WEREN'T hysterical. Thankfully I didn't know many. All my friends were considering a happy hour that started at noon. Go get these books: Confessions of a Slacker Mom, and The Three-Martini Playdate.

Rob Hardy said...

This link may not work. If it does, what you should see when you click it is a video of Will at two, singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and playing the hairbrush.

Shan said...

I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the link did not work, Rob.

Rob Hardy said...

The link should work now, since I changed the privacy settings on the video.

Shan said...

Ah! Just watched it! I showed it to my girls and they thought it was hilarious. Talk about an adorable baby! Those curls!!