Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Muffin Tin

Admittedly, this week's What-to-Do activity is more baby- than preschooler-centered. That shouldn't surprise anyone, since it's far easier for me to entertain my baby (or for her to entertain herself) than my almost-four-year-old, who requires near-constant adult interaction and seems to abhor playing by herself, no matter what I do. Please don't suggest what I should do to cure her of this problem. I've already done it. It doesn't work.

Anyway! Did you know that babies and toddlers love muffin tins? And they especially love scouring the house to locate enough just-the-right-size balls or other tin-able objects to place in each little muffin cup? And that bouncy balls from the hair salon, wooden egg shakers from the musical instrument set, plastic balls from the Pound-A-Ball toy and the swirly summer outdoor sprinkler, and little rubber animal bath toys all fit just perfectly? And that, on other days, Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks and individual large plastic baby snap-on beads are fun to plop in the tin as well? And that taking them out and putting them back in, over and over, is half the fun? But that you can also do things like pretend the little toys are muffins to eat, or sort the balls by color and size, or play bakery?

Happy baby play!


Mnmom said...

Sorting, making patterns, etc. They're all good pre-math skills!

Heidi said...

Gabe does the same sort of thing w/ an empty egg carton. Amazing what entertainment it can bring!