Sunday, June 22, 2008

All a Suffering Stay-at-Home-Mom Ever Really Wants to Hear

Overhead earlier today, over the whining and the crying and the noise of small children throwing their own bodies onto the floor:

Christopher: "Genevieve, I don't know HOW your mama does it for hours on end every day! Any normal person would have fled the premises LONG AGO!"


Mnmom said...

Doesn't that feel good? I was telling an aunt about the trials of raising 3 girls - she raised 3 boys - my sister was right there and assured my aunt "She's NOT exaggerating - I've HEARD them!".

Anonymous said...

I think I actually said, "Genevieve, I don't know how your mama puts up with this every day without fleeing to Timbuktu." But the gist's the same. Good lord, that girl can find the last nerve and grab it with pliers.

Mnmom said...

PS - forget the plastic sprinkler, just give them the HOSE and they'll be just as entertained.