Monday, June 02, 2008

Bright Spots

I know I said I'd be absent awhile, but given all my recent parenting stress, insomnia, and fatigue, I feel compelled to share two bright spots from this rainy summer Monday.

First, today I received in the mail payment for my essay to be published this fall in the Macalester Today magazine. I guess that means I'm officially a PAID published writer. Now there's a nice little pick-me-up.

And second, well, just look at the photo above: Julia in her new birthday clothes, Genevieve in a little baby-boho-chic peasant blouse. Don't you just want to squeeze them, forgive them all their infuriating whining and irrational tantrums? I mean, seriously: LOOK. HOW. CUTE. I know it's unseemly to brag about one's own children, but I'm sure allowances can be made in this instance.


Mama took it easy today: no laundry, a no-cook dinner, skipped my run due to rain and injury in favor of magazines on the couch and chocolate ice cream for dessert. Of course, the fact that the girls took simultaneous three-hour naps this afternoon (thank you Jesus) helped quite a bit. But I'm considering a whole week of Mama Taking It Easy. What do you say? Want to join me?


Mnmom said...

Mama deserves to take it easy - you're in a war zone!

Yes, they are adorable. It's all that keeps us from putting them out on the curb on certain days. And aren't they just heartbreakingly perfect when they sleep?

Question said...

Adorable picture. I'm totally digging the flip flops.

Shan said...

The flip-flops were a present from her Nonna! And a HUGE HIT, I might add!!!

Nonna said...

Yes, a last-minute purchase straight from the dollar bin at Target and I think she loves those as much as any present she opened!

Shan said...

It's because, in her mind, "big girls" wear flip-flops. Anything "big girl" is TOTALLY GLAMOROUS.