Thursday, June 19, 2008

By the Light of the Moon

So, how is my early-to-bed experiment going this week? Foregoing exercise for an entire week in a quest to have less to do in the evenings, thus getting to bed at eight p.m. for a radical change of sleep-deprived pace? Um, hmmm. Does 11:30 p.m. seem close to eight? No? Well, that's how it's going.

I think this experiment was a big mistake. Apparently I don't have time to go to bed at eight even if I'm not exercising. Instead, I've been filling the evening hours with chores and errands and waiting for new furniture to be delivered. In the end, the only thing not exercising has accomplished for me so far this week is making me gain two pounds of "temporary weight" (as I like to call it), since I'm not running off all the superfluous snacks I like to eat. So not only am I just as tired, but now I've got new pounds to get rid of later. (Sure, I could have abstained from sweets this week. But honestly, do you know me at ALL? Not happening.)

Actually, the story's not all bad. I have used my evening hours this week to work on some writing I'm submitting to a proposed anthology. There is no way I would have had time to do that had I not skipped my workouts. But that is also why I didn't get to bed early this week. Clearly, the choice--at least right now, when I have children so small that their needs take up every minute of every day--is between being well-rested OR being in shape. Being well-rested OR being a writer.

This morning I'm so tired I could cry. I have a killer allergy headache. The baby is launching a campaign to offend everyone within sight with her surly attitude. Christopher's working late today.

I want to be a runner, and a writer, and a mom. But I also want to--sometime, anytime!--not feel exhausted.

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