Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check It

This morning I went to the doctor for a physical. I hadn't had a non-reproductive-health-related check-up since, oh, age 18 or so, and given my iffy spring full of antibiotics, inexplicable weight loss, and insomnia, it seemed like a good time. I went back to that wonderful nurse practitioner who treated me a couple of months ago during my intractable sinus infection, the one who probably thought I was in need of not just antibiotics but perhaps also some anti-hysteria drugs, but who never let it show.

Today she talked to me for a long time about my history of chronic pain (a long story for another day), about my current life of nonstop mothering, and about Genevieve's recent weaning. She talked to me about sleep and lack thereof, about thyroid hormone and fast metabolisms and running. And when she finally sent me on my way--deeming me basically very healthy--her professional recommendations were: a date with my husband; blackout blinds for my bedroom; and the continued liberal ingestion of as many calories as I want. Oh, and she also suggested that I, during the course of one day, write down on paper every single thing I do--every diaper changed, every glass of water fetched. She said that she used to do that sometimes as a young at-home mom of three children under five, and that it served as a sort of validating performance-review, something that made her feel good about what she was doing and confirmed just why she was so tired.

Seriously, what is there not to love about a check-up like that? Go on a date, eat ice cream, and pat yourself on the back for your superhuman mom-and-housewife schedule? Now those are some prescriptions I can get behind.

Before I left the clinic, I had to go and get some lab work done, to check my thyroid hormone. I wanted to have them check my levels of Patience, Energy, and Ability to Withstand the Wrath of a Tantruming Toddler, because I suspect they're pretty low. But I don't think they have a medicine for that.


Christopher Tassava said...

Those quacks at the clinic don't have a prescription for that condition, but others do.

squab said...

I heart nurse practitioners. They are totally the squabs of the medical profession. I'm glad you're healthy, and I hope you get to do all of those "prescriptions" STAT.

Rob Hardy said...

But did she quote Vergil to you?

Shan said...

To Rob: argh, no she did not! You win for best medical appointment.

Mnmom said...

Was it JK at the Allina Clinic?? That's the CNP we see and we LOVE HER!! A few years ago she told me my fatigue could be cured by getting away from the kids and house and going to work! She was 85% right.

Shan said...

Ha! No, I saw A.M. at Allina. I loved her. I, like my friend Squab, adore NPs. Every one I have ever been treated by or have worked with at former jobs has been the epitome of warm, empathic, kind, and interested in holistic health, not just physical symptoms. She was great. Even though she did not quote Vergil to me.

I like that comment about curing your fatigue by going to work. SERIOUSLY. She wasn't kidding! I calculated on Monday that I had sat down a total of TEN MINUTES FOR THE ENTIRE DAY, from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. No exaggeration. Compare that to sitting at a desk all day, and it's no wonder I'm tired, right?