Friday, June 06, 2008

Gratitude Friday: Yard Slacker

So was anyone else up all last night listening to and dealing with the INSANE WEATHER? Good Lord. You know, I can hardly sleep as it is. Going outside at 2:30 a.m. to help drag in flowerpots and toys and strap down patio furniture against wind that is blowing our tree HORIZONTAL (no exaggeration) is not my idea of a restful night. Lying in bed for hours afterward waiting for the tornado siren to go off (we were under a watch until five a.m.) isn't either. Last night was truly scary (although the siren never did blare, and no tornadoes materialized). If I got four hours of sleep I'm surprised. But onward to what I was originally going to say today.

I'm a total bore this week. I apologize. You know, to my legions of fans. (Ha.)

I haven't been doing too much. I didn't really take it easy all week as I'd considered; after Monday's laze I did all the usual chores, workouts, and parenting activities, including taking both girls to the grocery store yesterday morning for a mega-power-shop. But I've also been watching TV, staying up too late, and drinking even more coffee than usual, all in the spirit of pleasure-seeking and without a whiff of guilt. Oh, and taking time off from this blog. You may have noticed--or maybe not--there was no Do-Little Dinner this week, nor a What-to-Do Wednesday activity. They will return next week.

But it's Friday, and so I am moved to write a few words of gratitude.

When we first moved to this town, I agonized over the fact that our shaky financial circumstances (unexpected move, no equity in our last house, beginning of the housing market crash in Minneapolis, making next-to-no profit on the house we sold, operating with one income so I could remain home full-time) meant that we decided on a townhouse instead of a traditional, single-family home like our previous (first) house. Now that we've lived here for over two years, I can tell that you that NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN NOT HAVING TO DO ANY YARDWORK. Yes, we pay for that privilege in the form of a monthly townhouse association fee, which sort of chaps my hide every month because it seems overpriced. And it does make me sad that our yard is not truly our own in the conventional sense, meaning that we cannot do things like put up a fence or install a swingset or anything else of that nature. And the relative lack of backyard privacy takes some getting used to (we're very close to our neighbors, as our houses are attached to one another).

But seriously: no lawn-mowing. No leaf-raking. No fertilizing. No weed-whacking. Since Christopher and I both would rather be doing just about anything else in the world than yardwork of any sort, this set-up could not be more ideal for us. I mean, we detest gardening, lawn-maintaining, and landscaping. We have less than zero interest in anything remotely related. Such is my landscaping laziness that when I see a lone dandelion sprouting in my border beds (the one area of the yard we ARE responsible for), I'm all like, "What?! Now WHEN am I going to find time to pull THAT?" You'd think I was contemplating the removal of a tree stump.

So: I am grateful that I live in a townhouse, and have virtually all my yard maintenance done for me each week all spring, summer, and autumn long (oh! and my snow shoveled all winter as well). You won't find ME wasting any lovely summer evenings pushing a lawn mower across my grass, sweating and swatting at mosquitoes and muttering about how I could be sitting on the patio with a cold lemonade. I leave the rest of you to your perennial beds and endless weeds. Hurrah!


Mnmom said...

I was up for most of last night too. Waiting for the sirens. Thinking how I should put on something more than a nightshirt if the house is going to blow away. I'm really sick of this. My kids need some summer.

Yard work does stink, but we are slacker yard people. We don't chemically treat, we just mow. And we designed the yard so that no weed whacking would be necessary. I also plant low maintenance bushes and flowers. I sure enjoy my hostas, my lilies, my pin oak, my maple, my lilacs.

squab said...

See, now, when *we* bought our house, the thing I was most excited about (besides not sharing walls anymore) was having my own yard to dig around in. I don't feel right in the spring and summer if I don't have yard-related stuff to do, and I even enjoy weeding as long as it's not perishingly hot outside. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

Shan said...

For sure. I think my hatred of gardening and landscaping may keep me in this townhouse forever.

Question said...

I've admitted this before on my own blog, by I really don't like gardening. I love the results, but hate the maintenance.

When we bought this house, instead of replacing horrid garden with my better version, I should have just brought in a truck load of dirt to cover all the weeds and tried to plant grass.

But the worst thing for me is worrying about it. Because now I need to keep it up. I fret about who will water when we are gone. What if we move and have to rent out the house? Then what? I feel completely trapped by the garden. I want to be free.

Anonymous said...

Though I sure don't miss the mowing, weeding, weed-whacking, or any of that stuff, I do miss - a little - our big, low-maintenance garden at our Minneapolis house. But I'm congenitally unobservant of landscaping, flowerbeds, etc. Trees, I notice and appreciate to some degree. But flowers - I just hardly notice them.