Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the Dark

The other day I was explaining to my neighbor how messed-up my girls' sleep schedules are right now: how they stay up super-late at night no matter what time we bed them down, wake up early (and tired) in the morning, then take mega-naps during the summer afternoons, two- and three-hour-plus monster naps from playing outside all morning and running around at preschool day-camp and being overtired from too little sleep the night before. (I refuse to wake them from these naps, even though Julia is four now and probably shouldn't be sleeping for two to two three hours in the afternoon when most of her peers have dropped their naps completely. Because seriously: if YOU had spent four years of motherhood--all the way through newbornhood and toddlerhood and the second pregnancy and beyond--with almost no napping whatsoever, with no experiences of a reliable two-hour break in the day, every day, would YOU willingly put an end to the mega naps? I thought not.) Then the cycle repeats itself, and they're awake in their rooms till 9 p.m., jabbering away in the fading sunlight, bothering each other and calling and crying and, well, not sleeping. The sun doesn't begin to set until after nine these days, and it's light before five a.m., so my daughters are living night-owl AND early-bird lives.

"Those girls are light-sensitive, Shannon!" my neighbor said. "You have GOT to get black-out cellular blinds for their room. Immediately. It will change your life." Turns out she and her husband bought such blinds for their toddler's room awhile back, from a superstore right here in town. Custom-cut for their window, ready in one week.

We ordered those blinds on Saturday. What's 150 more dollars when you're already buying a king-sized bed, a new mattress and box-spring, bedding to fit, and new twin-sized girly quilts and sheets for the preschooler's new big-girl bed? Good Lord. It's like someone's turned our whole upstairs upside-down, and our bank account with it, and money and bedding are flying right and left and slipping through cracks and tumbling down on our heads and leaving us wondering what's going on, who's sleeping where, is anyone sleeping, in fact?

I'll let you know just how dark those blinds are. Because things are getting a little desperate, if you couldn't tell already.


Mnmom said...

I thought the foil was doing the trick - did I miss something??

Shan said...

The foil has been stopgap, partial solution. We only foiled a border around the window frame, because otherwise the window would be closed off all the time (in the daytime, too), and we wanted light in the room during the day. With only a border, though, it's darker than it was but still not all that dark (a lot of light comes through the middle of the window---FYI our windows are HUGE). Plus, the foil looks terrible. Seriously, I cannot imagine what our neighbors think.

Trish said...

Hi Shannon! I got your blog from your Mom yesterday. FUN to catch up on your Mommyhood. Check out Olivia @ we have added you to our list. Great to see you! -Trish Sorenson (Johnson)