Monday, June 16, 2008


My best friend in Texas, during a phone call late this afternoon, told me that I'd better run right out and buy myself a lottery ticket FAST, because today is clearly my lucky day. Why? Because my girls both--simultaneously, that is--took THREE-HOUR NAPS. And they would have slept longer, too, except I actually woke them both up, at 4 p.m. Now, since one of my main parenting mantras is "never wake a sleeping baby" (because, in my mothering life so far, any nap at all is a tenuous gift, and there is NO REASON to interfere with it, since it's all you're going to get), you know these naps were crazy-off-the-charts if I was actually voluntarily putting an end to them.

As another friend once put it, I am certainly not one to look a three-hour-nap-giving gift horse in the mouth (honestly, I am jumping up and down with joy, reveling in my clear mind and chocolate-fed body), but....had I known I was going to get a solid three hours off from mothering this afternoon, I would have done a heck of a lot more than putter around the downstairs doing short little chores, punctuated by pointless little snacks. Good Lord, I could have worked out, showered, done all my chores and dinner preparation, AND taken a little snooze myself in three hours!



Mnmom said...

That was always so hard - if you planned a marathon chore, they'd sleep 20 minutes. If you didn't, they'd sleep 3 hours. The paradox of parenthood #457.

Personally, I say that's what good long books are for.

Shan said...

You are so, so right.