Sunday, June 29, 2008

Results of a Weekend (in Pictures); Also, Some Musings on Parenting Without a Crystal Ball

Genevieve before her first haircut:

Genevieve during her first haircut:

The girls' "new" nursery, complete with Julia's "new" big bed, and with the long-inhabited Pack-'N'-Play porta-crib GONE:


About that last photo: yes, it's true---our 22-month-old toddler finally sleeps, for the first time, in the CRIB. The one that has stood empty, waiting for her, for, well...22 months. In other, related, news, we are now selling our extraneous second crib mattress. The one we bought 22 months ago, thinking we'd need it to move Julia out of the crib and into a bed. Because, you know, the BABY would ALSO need to sleep on a crib mattress, IN THE CRIB. Turns out, we bought a (second) crib mattress THAT NEVER ACTUALLY GOT USED. Not even once. Because Genevieve refused to sleep anywhere but the porta-crib. As it turned out, we could have just moved the existing crib mattress onto the toddler bed, and left the baby crib empty, since no one was actually sleeping in it, anyway.

That is the true essence of parenthood right there: how you never, ever know--not in a million years--how things are going to fall out. You might end up with two babies and you might hurriedly move the first baby out of the crib to make room for the new baby, and you might buy a second crib mattress for the new baby's crib. And then two years later the crib hasn't even been used, nor the mattress, of course, because you ended up with a crazy, willful, got-her-own-ideas kind of baby, and, well...that's exactly how it goes.

That's exactly how it is, through the months and years of parenting from newbornhood into toddlerhood and beyond. You might think, when you're pregnant and busy planning and organizing your life to accomodate the new being that will soon inhabit it, that you can predict what will happen, what you'll need. How many crib mattresses will be required. And then that baby is born and--every time, not just the first--you're served with the surprising realization that you can't predict even one damn thing.

Anyone want to place a bet about how long before Genevieve tries to climb out of her crib?


Mnmom said...

She'll be climbing out by tomorrow, sad to say. Love their room - I always wanted to decorate in lovely shades of pink and lavender, but I gave birth to willful people with their own ideas. Just like you said. God just laughs at our plans.

Shan said...

Yep--plans are useless! ;) I am sure Genevieve will try to climb out of her crib quite soon, too. I know babies her age that are already in toddler beds for that very reason! But Lordy--if there were ever a baby you wouldn't want wandering around "free" in the middle of the night (or any other time she's supposed to be asleep), it's Genevieve. Lord help me.

Nonna said...

She looks so sweet and pensive during the haircut and so sweet and delighted afterward! The tantrums seem very far away!!

Shan said...

Actually, I don't have an "after" picture. I tried to take one the next morning, but she wouldn't let me. Typical! ;)

Mnmom said...

I remember when a woman at ECFE was trying to "transition" her baby from the crib to a bed, and she WASN'T expecting, and the baby wasn't adjusting well and all us older Moms said "What! Are you crazy??! Put him back in that crib this instant!"

donna said...

Yes, the only thing you can count on in parenting is that you can't count on anything.

Not sure if this is possible... if you could move things around so G can see J from the crib, might that help her stay in her crib a little better?

Oh, and if my kids shared a room, it would be much more difficult to take my daughter out of her crib at this age - because I don't want her wandering around, either.

Shan said...

Luckily, so far (only two nights!) Genevieve has not attempted to climb out of her crib. Let's hope she never thinks of such a thing. ;)