Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Solstice

This weekend I have learned that I'm not very good at painting furniture. This is a bit surprising, because I've done a fair amount of it over the years. (Why, I wonder? When there are stores that sell furniture that is already painted?) I'm sure some people find painting furniture fun or relaxing, but to me it's a bit of a chore. It's the exacting attention to detail I find tedious. Mainly I found it entertaining to observe just how many times I could accidentally get my hair in the paint. One other thing I learned: the terms "antique-" or "distressed-finish" really mean "accidentally put on too light a coat."

But! The twin bed is done. It looks so nice and pretty, all white and pristine, granted a new life. I slept in this bed nearly 40 years ago, as a toddler myself; now it will be Julia's bed. FYI, Internets, I am waging a campaign to talk my older sister into giving (or selling) me HER matching childhood twin bed, so I can paint that one white too, and turn it into Genevieve's bed when she turns four, and the girls can sleep in matching white beds in their little shared room--who could resist such a picture? But my sister is reluctant. Something about her own child sleeping in said bed. Surely that can be rectified! I will pay money for this bed! Are you behind me, Internets?

In other news, I broke my exercise-fast yesterday--a day early--with a long, hilly run at twilight; yes, at a time of night when I normally would be considering sleep. I figured, if I'm going to fail miserably at my skip-exercise-to-go-to-bed-early experiment, I might as well go out in style. Besides, it was the longest day of the year! As I said to Christopher on my way out the door, if there's ever a day for a run at nine p.m., it's surely the summer solstice! And my run was great--if a bit tiring (today, my legs are sore). The sun was setting, the fields were greenish gold, and a bank of clouds towering over the woods glowed purple, trailing rain an hour away.

I think one reason the week was so difficult was that I was skipping my workouts. My runs are the only time of day I am away from both the children and the house: literally, my only true "me time," free from reminders of dishes to be washed or floors to be swept or babies to entertain. Sure, it's hard to find the time to exercise when the days feel too short and too busy, and there are certainly days when the sun seems too harsh and the humidity too thick to run through, but ultimately it's my only real solitude. No wonder the summer solstice was calling my name.

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