Sunday, June 08, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance in a Bigger Bed

A friend of mine once told me that, when your kids are three, you can still sort of convince yourself that they've got some baby left in them, but that once they hit four, they're all KID. Maybe that's why Julia's 4th birthday last week coincided with my sudden realization that she's growing out of her toddler bed.

Oh sure, technically she still fits into it--even though it's the same size as a crib--because she's only grown an inch and a half in the past year. But all Julia's little buddies her age are in twin beds now, and looking at her four-year-old body, you can tell a sea change is coming. One involving bigger furniture. This seems--mamahood cliche ahead--UNBELIEVABLE to me. It's already been TWO YEARS since we moved her from the crib into a toddler bed? It seems like yesterday. A very pregnant and uncomfortable yesterday, but still.

I have always wanted to use my childhood twin, the one in our guest room at present, as the first "big-girl" bed in our girls' nursery. Though the bed needs a coat of white paint first, that time has come.

Oh, don't worry. If you come visit me, there will still be a place for you to sleep. Because you might remember the something else that coincided with Julia's birthday week, too: my very first check for (to-be-)published writing. It seems like just the right decision to spend that money on a new king-sized bed for the master bedroom, and move our very old, very small double into the guest room at last. You have no idea how excited this makes me. I have high hopes: new, big bed as insomnia cure. A girl can dream, can't she?

Of course, what I should probably really be spending that writing check on is ultra-blackout blinds for every bedroom in the house. But I can't give up the long-held dream of a king-sized bed. Its time has come too. And as for the windows, those early sunrises, those 5 a.m. baby-wake-up calls? There's always more aluminum foil.


Anonymous said...

Swimming, anyone? Just picture Eric :)

Shan said...

I have already thought of Eric, and that whole conversation, many times, Anonymous! It still makes me laugh out loud! I know he would be proud of us, at last! :)

Mnmom said...

A king sized bed is a MUST for a happy marriage - that and separate sinks, preferably separate bathrooms.

It was SO GREAT having you folks over. Your girls are absolutely darling!! Our daughters think yours are really something special.

Mom said...

Better look for a deal that includes a set of bedding for the king-sized bed or you will have to sell another article to pay for it. Have you considered a queen??

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the dream! King size sheets are readily available for a good price at Target, and on eBay!

By the way, Home Depot will make some custom-cut blackout blinds for you-- they're actually really inexpensive. I did my whole bedroom for $50.

Shan said...

I refuse to give up the dream. I have friends who have been telling me my life will be changed by a king-sized bed for YEARS. Plus, the company from which we bought the rest of our bedroom furniture just a few years ago is currently having a big sale on (some of) their beds/headboards. Consider it ordered.

I figured we'd just get cheapo sheets from Target too. I mean, I'd love 400-thread-count to make my insomnia REALLY go away (right?!?!), but I'll make do with Target. The real bummer is having to buy the MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING. But that's what economic stimulus checks are for. Ha.

As for blinds, anonymous--were they custom-cut cellular or honeycomb blinds? Another friend mentioned those. Are they truly dark? That price is a GREAT deal.

Shan said...

Oh, and anyone have a good recommendation for pretty but reasonably priced top bedding, i.e., bedspread or quilt set? I've never looked to see if Target's are nice enough. Obviously we need a new bedspread etc. too--something I'm almost as excited about as the new bed itself. But I a.) don't want to pay an arm and a leg, and b.) don't have time to comparison-shop in person at a bunch of stores not in my town. I will likely need to buy at Target (in town) or online shop from JCPenney, Kohl's, etc. Just wondering if anyone has anyplace they particularly like for bedding stuff.

Mnmom said...

King sheets at Target are fabulous - check the end-of-row shelves. We got EGYPTIAN COTTON there once for $35 for the full set!
For bedspreads, you can't beat IKEA. We have a King down comforter with satiny edges for which I paid about $45. For summer we have a cotton blanket, again Target.

Shan said...

Hey, thanks for the shopping tips! Honestly, one my biggest challenges since having babies is that I now have ZERO time for shopping around. (Especially now that I live in a town with very few stores.) I literally have to be able to go somewhere (either online or in person), buy whatever I see, and be done.

donna said...

I totally agree that you can fool yourself into thinking they are still a baby at three. Not at four. (Unless I'm the friend you're talking about...)

I like Sears for bedding and towels (we don't have Penneys, IKEA or Target). I like Macys, too (when there is one of their many many sales). I say go for quality, it's so worth it because it will last. (We have 350 count sheets that we've had since we got married - nearly 8 years ago!)

And really, you can get by with one set of sheets (you'll just need to have a bare bed for a couple of hours while you wash them). Just choose your color/pattern wisely.

Good luck. And I hope for pictures when all is said and done! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, as queen of deals you know I have something to say :) Eric and I just yesterday got a set of 450 thread count, oh so comfy, and we paid $39 at Marshalls. You know how I love that store. The one at MOA has great deals and you can also hit up Nordstrom's Rack while you're there. Marshalls and Ross both carry that bedding in a bag for about $100 and that inlcudes comforter, sheets, shams, and a couple of throw pillows. Bed, Bath, and Beyond also has great deals and they send out that 20% off coupon so you can get a really great deal. You don't have to break the bank to be able to "swim" in your oversized bed :)

donna said...

And I totally agree with you using your own childhood bed for your child. Our kids each have a twin bed in their room. These beds were the childhood beds of my mother-in-law and her late sister. I love the idea of my children being a part of the history of these beds.

Mnmom said...

You've got access to sitters now, and can go shopping some Saturday afternoon!!!

Shan said...

I'm in heaven with all these shopping tips (I just knew "anonymous" from TX would have a suggestion or two) and enjoying the idea of babysitters and a bed big enough to swim in. Seriously, isn't life good? Eric, that last part about the swimming was for you. Donna, yes you are the friend I was referring to. ;)

Oh, and Donna, I came through with pics when we got our dining room table, so I'll try really hard to do the same with the new bed.

It may take awhile, though, since this endeavor is a multi-stage process: buy white paint for childhood bed; paint childhood bed; re-arrange nursery and move childhood bed in and toddler bed out (and hopefully sell toddler bed in the classifieds); obtain new bed (headboard only is what we're going for; found a great sale on a headboard that coordinates with our other furniture plus the absence of a footboard makes it so much easier to make the bed); go mattress shopping; have mattress delivered; obtain new bedding; move double bed into guest room; make up new bed.

Sleep like a queen for the rest of my life. RIGHT?

donna said...

What a way to celebrate being a published author!

Yes, you totally came through with the pics of the dining table, which is why I asked for pics of the bed. When it happens. (I totally understand that it will take time to do it right - let alone with two young kids!)

BTW, if you think four is traumatizing, five is much more. I can't believe my son is going to be five next week! Where did my baby go??

Christopher Tassava said...

Beds, schmeds. This is a girly issue masquerading as a family matter. I could sleep on a stack of newspapers. What I need is a new bike - where can I get a thousand-dollar mountain bike for $250? My current bike is rejecting its tires. Talk about tiring.

Lori said...

Never underestimate the power of a well-rested woman! :)

Bed, Bath, and Beyond (online) also has some great deals on sheets.

Finally, re: my Home Depot/ blackout shades comment above, I believe they were cellulose, though it's been a few years. I had the exact problem with birds and sunlight. In another house I did Redi-Shade 36 In. x 72 In. Black Out for $5.23 per window, which worked even better!