Sunday, June 15, 2008

Twenty-Two Months

Genevieve is 22 months today. In case you hadn't noticed, that's almost TWO. I know what they say about two and all--terrible this and terrible that--but I'm not worried. Because Genevieve began the terrible twos about six months ago. No big, unpleasant surprises here; just more of the screaming, tantruming same, I'm assuming (help me, Jesus).

Which isn't to say that we don't love Genevieve with our whole hearts, and down to the soles of our feet, because of course we do. Even Julia, who at newly-four certainly has her own ideas about, for instance, the injustice of Genevieve always getting to be the one to turn off the TV after their "Baby Dance" DVD has ended, or the fact that Genevieve often gets fed extra dry cereal in the stroller after snack is done, because Mama CANNOT STAND EVEN ONE MORE MINUTE OF THE SCREAMING FOR MORE DRY CEREAL---well, even Julia still turns, sometimes, to consider her baby sister's plump cheeks and rosy mouth and instead of imploring the baby to move over and quit squishing into her, will instead giggle and say things like, "Vivi, I love your chubby little arms!" and "Vivi, you're so funny! I love you." There's just something about that baby, I guess. And good thing, too, because when you're around Genevieve all day long you need some irresistible cuteness to offset all the nonstop screaming and whining.

Soon Genevieve will be truly two, and we'll get to talk again about that night two summers ago when we drove to the hospital at one a.m., strangely alert despite the hour, out to the hospital in the middle of the cornfields, out on the dark starry edge of town, where Genevieve would be born. And how we knew even then exactly what she would be like (the exact opposite of our first, of course) and how much we'd love her (well, with our whole hearts, and down to the soles of our feet, of course).


Mnmom said...

Isn't amazing how those little creatures reach right down into your soul and find anger and love that you didn't even realize you had??

Shan said...

It sure is. You said it perfectly.