Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Sprinkler

I know this activity isn't new, but I can't resist posting a photo from our first running-through-the-sprinkler episode of the summer. Don't you just love Genevieve's expression? She was all like, What is this craziness?! She really did have fun, though--honest.

I had fun, too. OK, I would have had more fun had the activity lasted more than ten minutes. But truly--is there any summertime outdoor toddler activity more restful for a beleaguered mom than having the kids run through the sprinkler? Think about it: there's no hand-holding or spotting involved; no one's going to pitch headfirst off anything five feet off the ground, there's no chance of drowning--it's just running! across grass! through a sprinkler! What could be more safe? And they actually like doing it. They like doing it so much that they don't require every ounce of your attention during every single second they're doing it. It's like enforced parental relaxation.

Mamas, drag out that sprinkler, get yourself a Diet Coke, and sit the hell down. You've earned it. All ten minutes of it.


Mnmom said...

Now fill up some tubs with water and put in toys, sponges etc. Let the fun continue!!

Shan said...

Yeah! Love that idea!