Sunday, July 27, 2008


If only I could tell you, dear Internets, about the *#%$! turn of events in my life today. And how I'm shaking my fist at the universe right now, and scrapping all my previous plans to have a relaxing rest of the summer, and changing/cancelling my family's planned August trip and muttering curses under my breath as I mentally fill up my calendar with things I don't really have time to do, but that I have no choice about. Did I mention, #@$!!#%#@!?

I'm not at liberty to say more, nor should I. I can only say, I don't have time to blog at present, and may not for awhile. Please don't give up on me. Check back. I may need you. Someone, after all, has to ship me unsolicited packages of Advil and Diet Coke and plane tickets to secret hideaways in the Antilles. (Is that an island group? The Antilles? See, I don't even know; how pathetic is that? Or is it Antigua? Or are there both? Sigh.) Someone has to remind me to ingest something other than coffee and not to give up my runs altogether because I'm too busy fulfilling multiple obligations I never wanted to have.

In the end, I am sure things in Wonderland will calm down. And at some point I'll maybe even be able to fill my dear readers in a bit on what's going on. But people, seriously: is there anyone less suitable for taking on additional stress, angst, and late hours at the current time than me? I think not. After all, I'm the INSOMNIAC with the TODDLER WHO NEVER STOPS SCREAMING.

So, so many rants. So little time.


Marilyn said...

Hope you are ok, I've been reading your blog all the way from Australia. Will pray for you and your family through this trying time.

Shan said...

Marilyn, thank you so much--for your readership as well as your concern. My family and I are safe and healthy.

Mnmom said...

Honey, honey, honey. It's time to call in the babysitters!!!! Or at least schedule some afternoons to come over to my house. My kids can play with yours and I'll make you a DECAF iced mocha.

My twins' schedules are getting lighter. One is out for the weekend, and the other is working most of Saturday. Call them!!