Thursday, July 17, 2008


(photo credit: The Snarky Squab)

This morning, as I'm told (I was upstairs at the time), Genevieve stood up on the sofa as she is not allowed to do, leaned over too far, and accidentally did a front somersault over the back of the couch, landing squarely on her back on the floor while Christopher was preparing her breakfast around the corner. For awhile afterward--even after she'd been well comforted and had moved on to other concerns--she kept doing all sorts of uncharacteristic things like kissing me and willingly giving me cuddles, so Christopher and I joked that when she hit her head, something jarred in her brain and miraculously turned her into Sweet and Lovey Baby, shook the surly factor loose. We laughed about how we'd say, years later, "....and then that one day she fell over the back of the couch and hit her head really hard, and from that point on she was NICE!"

But then an hour later she was yelling at me ("Nuh-uh, MaMA!") and running away if I tried to smooch her, so all was back to normal.


Mnmom said...

TRUE STORY - My hometown friend's niece, who is now about 25, was diagnosed with diabetes in preschool. Her parents figured something was wrong when this child, usually full of piss and vinegar, started behaving extremely well and speaking sweetly to everyone.

Shan said...

That story is crazy!!! So...I should be glad Genevieve is still a little scamp?

Mnmom said...

Yes - she'll make a fabulous adult!