Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Head's Not THAT Big

OK, you all, what's the deal with king-sized pillows? I didn't even know they existed. Isn't a pillow a pillow, and they're all, you know...pillow-sized? Apparently not. Today I opened up my king-sized bedding set to iron the bedskirt in preparation for mattress delivery on Wednesday. Those pillowcases and shams are ENORMOUS. So what, do all of you with king-sized beds have those enormous pillows, too? Huh. Back to Target?


Anonymous said...

Shanny, you are so funny! I'm laughing right now picturing the look on your face. Did they include a complementary matching housedress in here? They are kinda ginormous, but now your head can swim too :)

Shan said...

Ha! Well, "Anonymous," since we needed two new pillows anyway and I was at Target today, I did buy two (cheapo) king-sized pillows. I refused to buy four, though. I will put the two king pillows in the king shams, and use my regular sized pillows for the actual pillowcases, I guess. But yes, C. and I are going to swim in this bed for sure, and Eric will be the first person we think of! You better make him come to this site and check out the photo I will post when the whole project is done, and the bed is set up and ready to go, giant pillows and all!!!


Mnmom said...

I use a regular one for my head, and the king sized one as a body pillow. They are mainly for looks - putting normal pillows on a king size mattress looks odd, and you know we Americans are all about image!!