Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Take Some Stuff Off My Hands

It's a long shot, but who knows? Maybe there are some readers of this blog who live locally and know of someone who needs some used baby gear. We are selling a (brand-new! unused!) standard-sized crib mattress, a white metal toddler bed (headboard, footboard, and frame), a white plastic Safety 1st baby gate (can be used either tension-mounted or bolted to wall), and a Medela Pump In-Style double electric breast pump in the black shoulder bag. (Note to the uninformed: a used breast pump is perfectly safe and fine; it's just the motor that one passes on. The new user can buy replacement kits of the personal parts i.e. tubing, flanges, etc. for far less than the cost of a new pump.)

All have served me (us) well, they're all in good quality, and it's time for them to find a new home. Pass on this info if you can.



Question said...

Funny, I had almost the same conversation with my brother two days ago - he also has baby stuff for sale and isn't quite sure how to get rid of it.

Have you thought of Craig's List? Or are you too far away from the metro?

Shan said...

I don't know! I did think of Craig's List, but I've never used it. In months and years to come, I'm going to have a bunch more "big" baby stuff to get rid of, too: highchair, pack-n-play, stroller(s)....and that's the kind of stuff you either want to pass on to someone you know or sell somehow, not just leave on the curb for the donation truck. Hmmm.

Question said...

I did sell a table via CL about two years ago. I had no issues. There are some scammers around, but you're probably only going to accept cash for your stuff so I don't think you'd have a problem. My guess is there are people in the south metro who would be willing to drive over for good stuff.

donna said...

I'd check craigslist to see if other people are selling/buying such things. If nothing else, it'll give you an idea IF you can use it as a way to sell your things. (It might also be a good way to meet other young families in your area!). We've had much success giving things away and selling stuff on craigslist where we are.

On one hand, I totally agree that it's nice to give such things to people you know or somehow know. Is there a way you can start up a bulletin board at the preschool where people can post wants or haves? (I mean, you are the president!)

And yet, by posting your stuff on craigslist, you could be helping out a family that can't otherwise afford things from retail outlets...

Mnmom said...

You know what will happen when you give it all away, don't you??

Craigslist will totally work in Northfield. I've sold and given away many items there, and had tremendous luck. There's also a Northfield Freecycle site but it's so darned esoteric that no one reads it.

Shan said...

Mnmom, believe me, I am in a state of terror just imagining the Worst Case Scenario you are envisioning, once I give away/sell all this (EXPENSIVE) baby gear. You didn't know me when I was a postpartum hormonal mess crying over every onesie I gave away and then second-guessing myself about the only-two-kids decision! But now even the fact that EVERYONE I KNOW AT PRESCHOOL is turning up pregnant with their third doesn't even tempt me. Something about that whole constant-crying and never-sleeping thing.

If I end up pregnant after all this, you can bet my first reaction will be something along the lines of a minor heart attack. Or a major one.

Good news, I've already found a buyer for the breast pump and our Baby Bjorn (which I forgot to list here)!