Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Talking at Night

Ever since Genevieve moved to her crib, she's been talking and crying in her sleep a lot. I expected the initial waking and crying out for comfort, but what's continued is periodic crying out when she is clearly sound asleep (or nearly so). She's been doing it multiple times per night. Out of the blue she'll suddenly screech out, "DADDY!" or "Mama!" or, more often, an unintelligible cry--often loud enough to spur Julia to sit up in bed, startled and confused. But when you go to her, she's lying there, eyes closed. Sometimes she isn't even moving. Julia typically goes right back to sleep, if she's even all the way awake. But for me it's not that easy. This sleep-talking is making my insomnia worse, because not only am I jarred awake several times per night, but afterward I can't fall back to sleep right away.

When I was a child, I talked and walked in my sleep a lot. I've heard this tendency is often inherited. I wonder if Genevieve is going to be my sleep-talker and -walker. I really hope not; it seriously scares the wits out of me each time I'm startled awake by the cry of a child. If Genevieve one day shows up, asleep, at my bedside, or strolls somnambulistically into the kitchen as I'm watching the late news, I will have a heart attack.


Mnmom said...

Happens here ALL THE TIME! One is a sleep talker only, and the other two are sleep walkers AND sleep talkers. Scares the daylights out of me every time. It's also seriously annoying to have a child at your bedside, speaking nonsense and whimpering in the middle of the night, while they are still fast asleep.

I have yet to find a remedy. I've read it's a symptom of sleep deprivation. Well DUH they're sleep deprived! They are walking and talking all over the house at the most ungodly hours.

Shan said...

EXACTLY! You make me laugh. :)

Question said...

One of my bros was a sleep walker. For him, it usually had to do with needing to use the bathroom. My mom found him in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast, standing and peeing against his bed (he thought he was outside fishing), and under a huge pile of sleeping bags (it took a while to find him and she thought he left the house). She learned to tell him to go to the bathroom. He generally followed her directions and then went right back to bed.