Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Try Try Again

Just because it's cute: Genevieve strikes a pose

Yesterday in the car the song "Fruit Jar" came on the stereo, and when Justin Roberts sang the line, "When trouble finds you/you'll find your way through it," I swear to God, Julia said, "Mama, that means that when things are hard, if you just try, try again you'll figure it out." Which I decided was just about as good a lesson for the day as any.

Damn those preschoolers and their wise philosophies of life. They make adults look like crazy stressed-out freaks. Oh wait, that's just me. Ha! Well, anyway.

I'm figuring out, along with (thank God) various colleagues and friends who happen to be involved, how to approach and tackle this unexpected new challenge that's going on. I will say this: no, I am not pregnant (Good Lord in heaven, not funny) and (again) there is no reason FOR ANYONE ELSE to panic. Just me. Ha! The rest of you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. And I will (re)clarify that what I was/am upset and stressed out about is not panic that the current situation is unsolvable or of dire emergency-level importance or anything like that; it's that I'M BUSY ENOUGH ALREADY and the idea of having to squeeze so many more time commitments into my current life makes me primarily want to lie down on the floor. I'm trying to resist that impulse though because do you know how long it's been since I've vacuumed? Also, do you know how to spell vacuumed? Because apparently I'm not sure.

I am sure, however, that rising to the occasion is one of the things I do best. You may not know that, if you don't know me well and you've read the last few posts here. Or if you were at my meeting last night when I broke down in tears. (Ha ha! Sorry about that everyone! I'm fine, really! Ha! Just a little intense sleep deprivation! Nothing to see here! Move along!) But honestly? It's one of my biggest strengths.

So. Onward. Nothing to see here.


Mnmom said...

OMG you went and volunteered for the preschool board, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!! After all my warnings.

Shan said...

No comment. No. Comment.

Mnmom said...

Ok this calls for some extreme intervention. I'll be calling about a playdate with big girls and iced mochas soon

Shan said...


Rob Hardy said...

So, Shan. You want to trade places? My fourteen-year old is giving me more grief now than he ever did as a toddler. You even have professional experience with adolescents. I'll take your adorable little tantrum machine, and you can have my uncommunicative, lazy, immature, spoiled teenager. Because I'm at the end of my rope with this kid.

Shan said...

I do have professional experience with adolescents. Which is exactly why I am dreading with every cell in my body the time when I actually have to parent one.

Actually, I believe that teenagers are pretty similar to toddlers. Another reason I am dreading being the parent of an adolescent. I'm no good with toddlers. I expect I'll be even worse with teenagers. It's kind of depressing, really. I'm hoping that I might get some really good parenting years during the ages of, say, five to ten.

Mnmom said...

Teenagers are toddlers with a much more descriptive vocabulary.

Christopher Tassava said...

I hope that, by the time we're dealing with teenagers - by my count, we'll have five years when they're both in their teens - Shannon will be working outside the house again, bringing in enough money that we a) can pay them to pipe down once in a while (bribe, allowance, whatever), b) hire "babysitters" and/or law-enforcement professionals, and c) get away from them.

It'll only be good that Shannon won't be immersed in their lives all day, every day.

Maybe by then we'll even have turned off the baby monitors.