Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday Update

People, I'm sorry, but Tuesday Do-Little Dinners is going on a hiatus of undetermined length. Five months of weekly fast, easy, nutritious, delicious, and economical dinner recipes is all I've got in me, for now anyway. Happy cooking, and more importantly, happy eating. Resist the pizza delivery guy and the fast-food drive-through! You can do it.

In other news, poor Genevieve has not yet tried to climb out of her crib, but she keeps having bad dreams at night, waking up and crying, calling out several times overnight. She did this when we first moved her into the nursery (in her beloved Pack-'N'-Play) too. She gets scared at night in new circumstances, and right now her (and everyone else's) sleep is suffering. I suspect it will pass soon, though.

And then there's Princess Camp. Julia's little neighborhood co-op nursery school is the best preschool ever, and I'm not just saying that because I'm the new president of the board. This week Julia's at a princess-themed preschool summer-school session (two mornings, only--alas), and people--can you imagine anything more blissful to a four-year-old girl than going to school in the fanciest clothes and jewelry she owns, being greeted by her teachers dressed in floor-length ball gowns, and spending the day doing things like having tea party picnics, getting her fingernails painted by "big girl princess" visitors, reading princess stories, making construction-paper crowns, and eating miniature cupcakes and teeny-tiny PB&J tea sandwiches? These teachers are geniuses. Anti-princess feminist rhetoric be damned; Julia's in heaven, and Genevieve thinks she ought to join in as an honorary baby princess. As long as they're happy, I'm A-OK with the whole princess thing. Any experienced parent of girls knows why, too: you can't do a damn thing to avoid it. They discover it magically, on their own, and become immediately enthralled. It's an inevitable phase. Roll with it.

Happy July, everyone. Summer is 1/3 over; are you getting the most out of it so far? My two little princesses and I think we are.


donna said...

I would agree with you that this phase with G will pass. Good luck.

And the whole princess thing? I swear it's genetic. My daughter loves all things trucks and rugged (she does have an older brother, after all), but she also loves flirty dresses, pretty things, makeup and having her hair done! (She doesn't get that from me!).

Now put down the computer, go outside and enjoy the sun being up at 9pm.

Mnmom said...

We feminists should embrace our inner princess!! Princesses rule! My daughters would have been absolutely drooling at that summer camp.