Friday, July 18, 2008

Week of Firsts

My four-year-old went to her first "big kid" birthday party today, the kind where you drop off your child and then....GO AWAY. You actually leave the premises. You come back an hour and a half later to pick her up, at which point you hug her little wet-from-water-games head and hoist her into the car while she talks nonstop about the Winnie-the-Pooh cake and the presents and how they ate their refreshments on the patio instead of inside, and keeps dropping all her little favors that are piled into a plastic miniature sand pail with her name lovingly painted on the outside. And she marvels at the curly straw and lets her baby sister hold the rubber super-ball and politely asks, "Did the baby sisters have fun at THEIR playdate?" and says, "I remembered to say please and thank you to Lucas's mama and daddy, Mama." And you wish you could have been there, a fly on the wall at this party, to see just what a table full of four-year-olds talk about when they're high on sugar and the thrill of their first solo birthday party.

This week she also participated in her first kid-only dance class; I stayed to watch, but I wasn't a part of the action like all the other little creative-movement activities we have done in the past. I sat on the sidelines and watched her serious little face as she tried to skip, as she touched her toes. So sweet! So FOUR.

I'll stop now, before I say something universal and eternal about the blink of an eye.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And in that photo, she's just climbed by herself (though carefully guarded) to the top of the fabled Arb gravel pile, which mysteriously shrinks and grows all year long. She refused to be "queen of the mountain," though, since she was, of course, being a princess instead.

Mnmom said...

My youngest used to call herself the Queen of Dundas - we never could figure out why.
It's another big leap in the growing saga for her, and the letting go saga for you. Bittersweet.

Shan said...

For sure!