Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Make Mama an Espresso

Just kidding about that, above. I would only let my babies make me an ICED espresso. Ha!

Really, I was just lazing around here trying to recover from: a.) only six hours of sleep last night; b.) THE 6:30 A.M. RUN--YES I DID IT AGAIN, YOU DOUBTERS!; c.) the mattress delivery guys arriving 45 minutes early, before I'd removed the wall-mounted baby gate from the top of the stairs or finished taking down all the pictures hanging on the staircase walls, and also arriving on the heels of a 45-minute tantrum from the preschooler, during which one exchange went like this: Julia: "Mama, it seems as though you're having a bad day." Me: "No, YOU'RE having a bad day."; and d.) twenty gazillion crying spells by the baby, about things like stepping in spilled water, desiring Kix cereal from the pantry, despite it being past breakfast and not yet snacktime, dropping her water cup, bumping her head, Mama being on the phone, and Mama stepping away to use the bathroom. Amidst all that, I also dealt with a phone call regarding the black-out blinds we ordered for the nursery, now a week past their scheduled delivery.

Yes! And so! I was lazing around just now, reading the blogs and ingesting copious amounts of caffeine, when I discovered that I've been singled out over at What Do We Do All Day? as a good blog read. I am so honored! Also! She reminded me that it's Wednesday! And I'm supposed to be discussing WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS. Hmmm. Huh. Um...

Well, let's see. You could consume four shots of espresso while speaking sharply to people who only come up to your knee. Not pleasant enough for you? OK then. How about mopping up a watering can-full of water that your four-year-old accidentally poured on the floor? While she cries? No? Let's could attempt to launder a bunch of new king-sized bedding while watching the baby stain her sundress with strawberry fingers. Or best of all: wrestle a giant bedskirt onto a king-sized bed while the kiddos nap!

Or. If you were me, you could take a deep breath, gaze outside at the hanging begonias, think of your good-hearted next-door neighbor who heard the tantrum and therefore brought a gift of the fresh-picked strawberries, gulp your feel-good espresso, and consider that tonight as the sun begins to sink, you'll be in a small, green, leafy park in the center of your small, green, leafy town, amidst a bank of happy families and dancing kids, with the breeze wafting and the flowers bursting and the mamas rocking their babies and everyone jamming out to Justin Roberts, live.

And you could contemplate all this lucky goodness and think of your napping wee ones and practice repeating over and over--because it's true, after all: I love you just the way you are. I love you just the way you are. I love you just the way you are.

If you were me, that's what you could do today.


squab said...

What a lovely post.

Mnmom said...

Love them while you can because these teen years ARE KILLING ME!!!

Shan said...

I'm ALREADY dreading the teen years! I'll never survive with my sanity intact!