Thursday, July 03, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays (on Thursday): Colored Ice!

I got lazy yesterday. Actually, I got busy, but at any rate, I didn't post my usual Wednesday kids' activity. You don't mind a day late, do you?

Remember last week's ice cube activity? And remember how oh-so-wise MNmom suggested freezing water in little containers, adding a little food coloring for fun, and letting the wee ones loose with that? Well, any experienced mama knows that stealing ideas from other parents is the best way to keep your kids busy and happy. My girls (and their little toddler playdate buddy) were entranced by the frozen containers of green, yellow, and blue water (old Tupperwares, measuring cups) I placed at their feet on the patio yesterday morning. To the mix, I added plastic buckets and spoons, and as the ice began to melt, they busied themselves stirring the colored water, dumping out the Tupperware-shaped, brilliantly-colored ice, and water-painting with the runoff. I admit: messy. And I'm not 100% sure the food coloring will come out of the seat of Genevieve's little dress. Then again, it was highly diluted, and the girls had so much fun I hardly care.

Try it!

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Mnmom said...

That colored water goes nicely in old spray bottles for winter/snow fun.

When I was a kid, we'd have HOURS of fun with ice when Mom defrosted the freezer. We were easily entertained.