Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Pasta Necklaces

This week's kids' activity is courtesy of my friend Connie, who has a fantastic mental store of creative ideas for keeping children entertained. She's always doing things like playing yoga class or making boats out of sofa cushions, and later on I'm thinking, Why didn't I ever think of that?

Anyway, you know those necklaces small children sometimes make in preschool, little dried noodles strung onto yarn? Sometimes decorated with paint or glitter? Well, that alone is a great idea, really--one of those old classics. But what if you, just for fun, used three-year-old manicotti noodles you forgot you had in your pantry, and made GIANT pasta necklaces? And painted them with Crayola washable easel paint? Wouldn't your kiddos love that?

I admit that when Connie suggested this idea to me the other day, my first reaction was, "Yeah but hey, to do that you have to have both yarn and tube-shaped pasta on hand. Not to mention poster paint." At which point I called Connie--affectionately, of course--an overachiever. Or was that last part in my head? At any rate, giant pasta necklaces sound fun. Now get on that!

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