Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dispatches From Up North

Genevieve's birthday party, Sunday

Julia on the train ride at the children's museum, Monday

Just to let you know I'm still alive, a few impressionistic notes about the goings-on during our visit up north this week to visit grandparents and cousins:

* It's a long, long, long drive from southern-Minnesota-college-town to northern-Minnesota-college town. Particularly when the kiddos think napping in the car is for wimps, but that complaining about being in the car that long is for, well, two- and four-year-olds who don't nap. That said, they did quite well, all things considered.

* Genevieve burst into tears at her birthday party, when the whole house began singing "Happy Birthday" to her. A fat slice of birthday cake dried her tears pretty quickly.

* It's hot up here--really hot--but even so, I've been able (twice!) to run a full 1-1/3 miles longer than I typically cover during my regular runs at home. That is because it is totally flat here. Flat = easy.

* My babes are loving their grandma's cooking. Butter = good. We all may return home a few pounds heavier, but our stomachs are happy.

* Never underestimate the power of a plastic bin full of unfamiliar kiddie puzzles, stashed at Nonna's house for visiting children, for placating a furious toddler. New toys = bliss.

* In one day: downtown coffee shop, library storytime, neighborhood walk, giant playground, visit to family friend's house, walk to park, climbing/sliding/digging/swinging at second playground, walk back to friend's house. End result? Dirty, tired, happy kids.

* Tomorrow we visit the Red River Zoo. Panda babies!

* Just when I--and everyone who knows me--thought I might lose my mind if I didn't get a break from full-time mamahood, my parents surprised Christopher and me with a belated anniversary present of a hotel reservation, a gift card to a local restaurant, and their babysitting services for one ENTIRE NIGHT. Tomorrow we will spend our first night ever away from the girls. It goes without saying: BEST. PRESENT. EVER.


Rob Hardy said...

Enjoy your amazing anniversary gift!

Anonymous said...

That cake is absolutely beautiful!! Happy Birthday, Vivi! Don't start working on baby #3, now. You know those little getaways can get you into trouble ;) Happy anniversay :)

Shan said...

Uh yeah--my parents said the same thing, Anonymous. And I was like, Don't worry, that is the LAST THING we want. Believe me!

Mnmom said...

Is Julia NOT wearing the little mermaid nightgown??!?!

Shan said...

It's true--she's not in a Disney nightgown! But she IS in a dress, natch. Nothing but dresses/skirts for this girl.